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Wayne County Junior Amateur Tournament

From the WCMA Committee we would like to thank all of the parents, players and golf clubs who have allowed and supported the Wayne County Junior Tournament and League.  When the Junior tournament was in its early years we would have as many as 40-50 golfers from all ages playing.  It was a joy to to see some of the players who played in our tournament further their golf career as high school golfers and collegiate golfers.  We have had a couple who wanted to make golf a career and currently working on finishing their school work to be a class A golf professional.  At this time there are four former players who participated in the junior tournament that work at local golf clubs in our county.

Due to a drop in participation in the tournament the committee decided to go to a league format to try and draw more interested from Wayne County’s youth.   We saw some immediate increase in participation in the first year.  Since then we have again seen a steady decline in participation to as few as 6 participants.

After looking at the trend of the junior league, the committee has decided to suspend league play for the 2018 season.  No one on the committee wanted to see this occur, but all felt this was the most appropriate decision.  If interest for this event increases, the committee will revisit this in 2019.

Thank you again from the committee.  Our goal is to try and grow that game of golf in Wayne County thru all ages.


 Please continue to check the website for any updates with our junior league or the WCMA tournament.

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